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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Hem lines

Back to simple fashion conscious ramblings, as a tall girl I find hemlines a problem, I like them to be either one thing or the other, high or low nothing wishy washy in the middle.   This does mean that a lot of styles get rejected simply because the skirt is the wrong length for my taste.    I believe that the hemline should be either above the knee (somewhere between the top of the knee and below where the fingertips reach on the thigh when stood up straight) or below mid calf. In defence of my position I present two pictures.

Maybe not a great picture (the sun was in my eyes) but what is there about this dress that is not to like?   It is very simple black with white spots, and a white yoke, it is a nice soft cotton  that flows nicely and is quite sensual.   Wearing this I feel classy, dignified and comfortable, what more could a girl ask for?  This photo was taken on a fairly cold spring day s I teamed the dress with a white jacket, this also obscures my farmers tan, I think I would now wear my black and white sandals rather than these black gladiator ones.

Here on the other hand I am close to looking as though I am looking for an opportunity (if you see what I mean) but that is the environment, the time of day and the pose rather than what I am wearing.    I think that this length of dress works well, shows off the legs (always a good thing for some of us) and detracts slightly from our height, If a style distracts from height and breadth of shoulder as well then it is a real winner, for me this LBD is just such a winner.   I consider adding a belt to raise my waist even more, and sometime wear a jacket, or scarf across my shoulders, but however I wear this I always feel gorgeous.   There are many who may not feel that I look as good a I feel, but who cares, this is all about feeling good, feeling you look good, and enjoying the feeling
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