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Paula's Place

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

A long drive

Tonight, Sunday, I came home, but that meant quite a long and unpleasant journey.   I drove from Cardiff back to London in the rain, I left Cardiff in fairly innocuous garb, but decided that since I would be in the car and nobody would be looking at me I would change.   Not very subtle but then that's me, I went for my black leather miniskirt, black satin cap sleeve blouse, leopard print tights and four inch pumps!   Not my usual. sophisticated look at all, but I was just amusing myself, so I thought what the *%$@ and did it anyway.   Anyway the further I got away from Cardiff the worse the weather and the traffic got, solid cars bumper to bumper in all three lanes, often slowing down to 20 mph or stopping altogether.

The motorway was murder so I pulled off onto A roads this was much better, I may have actually not been getting home any quicker, but at least I was moving.   After a while I found I was busting for a pee, and of course there are no services around, I was getting to the point of thinking about using a layby and just hoping no one was around when a service station came into view.   I just pulled in dashed into the ladies, and  relaxed.    Now most non motorway service have pretty basic rest facilities, this one was an exception, there were three stalls, everything was very clean and fresh, and we had the joy of bird song being played to us.   This is something I have never come across anywhere before, and after the initial surprise I have to say it was quite pleasant.

After this stop I just got back on the road, no petrol, coffee r anything else.   The weather continued to deteriorate, and it was now raining so hard that I couldn't see to drive faster than about 30 mph.   It was so bad that I decided on another stop.   I was now on the A3 north of Guildford, knowing that there was a Starbucks coming up I pulled in for a coffee.
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