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Paula's Place

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Winter's a comming in - GREAT

Eniko Mahalik in Harper Bazaar
This photo causes all sorts of conflicting emotions in me,
  1. Winter can be fun
  2. I want to be with her
  3. I want to be her
  4. I don't like horses, but I could make an exception
  5. I just love those boots
  6. I would just love those boots
I think this sort of encapsulates my attitude to women and clothes in general, maybe that's why my life can feel a little complicated at times.

At the moment I am stuck at home with a back ache so have plenty of time to look at some other blogs I can't give them all links here but these are couple of the others I have enjoyed

there are also quite a few of those blogs that have a little warning for underage browsers.   The over riding impression - what a lot of us there are out there, and what a shame that none of this was around when I was younger, so much could have been different.   But, well maybe that wouldn't have been such a good thing - ah well like I said complicated
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