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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Trassexual Summer

I watched the second part of this show last night, other than just too much information and loving close ups on the genital surgery front, I think it is shaping up very well.   It interested me how different where the attitudes to surgery, it goes to show that just like everyone else we are all different, all individuals.   The fact that the girls and boys are being followed to some extent in their real lives helps to show the sort of problems trans people can have.

There is a better review than I can manage here

I think one or two of them are very big personalities and are shaping up to be stars in their own rights.   I suppose the main thing from my point of view is that this is something on main stream television, that can start to change hearts and minds.
This is Donna, one of the seven

By the way don't forget that this is Transgender day of Remembrance tomorrow check this list for you local event I will be at the Croydon event today, if you are local come along to the Clock Tower and say Hello
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