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Paula's Place

Friday, 18 November 2011

Non human family members

Not much today of any particular trans content.   But of course we are all members of families, and life beyond clothing goes on.

Smudge is getting better, yesterday he was at last beginning to eat a bit, then last night we gave him a steroid pill, since then he seems to have got his appetite back.   Although he is still painfully thin I get the distinct feeling that he is past the crises.   Now we just have to feed hi up so he can get his strength back.

I have got to replace Gloria.   There is nothing wrong with her, she would happily give me another 3 or 4 years service, she is just the right size and power for what I do.   I love he driving position and "feel" of how she drives, the steering is just the right weight.   All in all she suits me, added to that all the experts tell me that this is the best model Transit Ford have made.   So why replace her.   Simple in January the London Low Emission zone is being  extended to include light vans.   Being well over 10 years old Gloria cannot get through the new restrictions, if I use her after early January I will have to pay £100 each time I use her.   As a self employed tradesman I simple can't afford to pay this, but in the current economic situation I can't afford a new van either.
Gloria, somewhere in France
This is a real catch 22, I can;t afford to not work, I need a van to work, I can't afford a new van.   I know that some micro businesses are just closing up as the need for a capital outlay at this time when we all have reduced income is the final straw.   I can't stop working as I need the income for a few years yet, so I have a bid in on e-bay for a new van, can you all keep your fingers crossed for me please.
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