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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Do you own a Tutu?

Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman
Almost by definition we have a weakness for inappropriate clothing, in that society would say that we should be wearing gender appropriate clothing, and most of us will dress a little "younger" than out true years when in girl mode.   Earlier today I was musing while stuck in traffic outside a dance clothes shop, just how much money do we spend on items of clothing that will never been seen in public, or at the very least in day light.

Most of what I now have is sort of OK, but there is that black leather mini skirt, oh yes and the Daisy Duke denim shorts, and although I absolutely love my pink animal print tights I'm not sure how many would share that enthusiasm. All of these are just doubtful taste, when I was younger, and Paula was unnamed because you don't need a name if you never go out, I had some much worse items.   There were the black patent crotch high boots with 5 inch stiletto heels (not made for walking), the very inappropriate French Maids uniform, which didn't make housework any more fun, and one or two ill-considered purchases of dodgy underwear that no nice girl would ever wear, and bad ones would probably only take off.

I'm sure that I'm not the only one who has resorted up buying some garments from the raunchy end of the mail order spectrum, and ended up with some really tasteless tat.   However I think that this is all part of our development, and so not something to be ashamed of.   My teenage daughter sometimes wants to buy some very inappropriate clothes, but she has the restraining influence of her parents and her budget to stop her, we often have nothing except good sense, and that often desserts us where clothes are involved, and a limited budget.

I now own nothing (underwear excluded!) that I am not prepared to be seen in in public, I do wonder though what was your most ill-considered purchase?   What really silly but treasured items lurk at the back of your wardrobe?

Oh yes; the tutu, when working in the flat of a rather large and very macho single man some time ago I discovered a stack of Transvestite magazines and some clothes, including a pink tutu, they must have been his, neither of us has yet said a word about this.
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