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Paula's Place

Monday, 14 November 2011

And Again Thank You

It is only a few days ago that I posted on how blown away I was that I had over 2000 visits to this blog.  Now I have only been running this blog for a couple of months so I as really pleased to have so much success.    I was really chuffed that not only were people reading my ramblings, but that they were coming back for more.
Well now only a couple of weeks later I have over 3,000 views!
Thank you; thank you for reading, thank you for coming back, and thank you for making me feel that what I have to say has some value, some interest, and hopefully some entertainment.   To put all this in perspective I do have another blog.   Nothing to do with the trans community, I write in the same style after all it is my style! and about similar events, just not mentioning the clothes as much, that runs at about 12 hits per day as against Paula's place having around 75 hits a day now!

I am really pleased that you want to read my blog, but another bit of me says switch off your computer, put on a dress and get out!   I often feel that the best way to take exercise is vicariously, but when it comes to cross dressing, you have to do it, feel the sway of the skirt, the stretch of the nylon against your legs, the bounce of your breasts.   If you need to do this then do it!

In case I haven't said it enough, thank you
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