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Monday, 3 October 2011

The week ahead, RWC, and too much "stuff"

Well Monday morning has arrived right on schedule, which in a way is a shame, since I could have done with it being a few hours late.   It has been a long summer and I am feeling very tired and run down.   Due to the family's financial situation I have not had a break this year, and cannot see how I will be able to afford one until next year, this is beginning to take its toll.   On Friday we were meant to have our loft insulation renewed, the team arrived took one look at the loft and realised that they could do nothing to help, different equipment was needed, a different team will come back on Tuesday to do the job.   In the mean time we have lifted the boards and all the contents of our attic are spread around the house.

My weekend was spent sorting out my vans, selling "stuff" on e-bay and disposing of other "stuff" through Freecycle, clearing the garage of "stuff" so that more "stuff" can go in in it's place.   I am exhausted and surrounded by "stuff".

I know I am functioning at a lower level than I was a couple of months ago, I need to take a break even it is just for a couple of days.   This coming weekend I should be travelling to Cardiff to visit relatives ( this will not be a rest since the reason for the visit is to do things for them that they cannot do for themselves ) I was also hoping to go to my local CD support group in Croydon on Saturday night.   Since I have no work booked for Monday I think I may stay in London on Saturday, go to the support group, travel to Cardiff first thing Sunday and come back slowly on Monday ready for the evenings rehearsal.   One way or the other I will find some time to dress, and I will let you all know what happens.

In the mean time I have been going back over a trip I had in March this year, and will be posting a few items on this very enjoyable little adventure.

The New, Jonny Wilkinson
Now for something completely different, I have been watching the Rugby World Cup, as a former player I am very interested, but this is not really the place for discussing Rugby, I just wanted to say a bit about the players strip, I don't like the new tight shirts, on a sartorial level or a practical one, it seems to make binding for the front rows very difficult.   But the point I wanted to raise is that I think England look wrong wearing white socks!   The traditional England colours are white shirts, white shorts and black socks.
The old, featuring Fran Cotton
More Fran Cotton, better known now as the CEO of Cotton Traders

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