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Paula's Place

Monday, 3 October 2011

Better Now

Not me
(Well only in my dreams)
This morning when I posted I was a bit down, you may have noticed.   Well my morning's work was all admin at home on my own, not long after posting I thought "This is silly" so I went upstairs and got changed, WOW the relief just from dressing at home, nothing too serious, just a casual top skinny jeans and my knee high boots.   I didn't bother with the full slap just some foundation eye shadow and lippy, and did pop on a wig.   After all you never know when someone will pop round, a girl ought to look presentable.

It then struck me I had to go to the bank and the post office, well what the hell, I wasn't going to get changed until absolutely necessary.   So the bank staff saw a different side of me, I'm sure they noticed but were far to polite to comment.   Really in London it was too hot for the outfit I was wearing and I definitely had a bit of a glow on my top lip ( Ladies glow, Gentlemen perspire, Horses Sweat ).   I popped into a couple of charity shops and came away with a nice pair of black stilettos and another black skirt.   I wonder if I have found my colour pallet or if I need to be more adventurous?

Anyway the point is that this little trip managed to cheer me up no end, I still have all the same problems, it's just that I'm not getting brought down by them now.
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