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Paula's Place

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Sunday Morning Ramblings

It's Sunday morning, and I'm just waiting for the bathroom to come free, since that means waiting for both my wife and daughter to use it first I should have a while to wait.   Now I am older Sunday morning have simple pleasures like, a new razor blade; having a shower without having to rush to work; an hour or so peaceful time to myself while the ladies are getting ready.

It has crossed my mind that if Sunday was a dressing day that I could spend with my family, then  the bathroom would never come free, and we would all end up rushing rather than the relatively relaxed time I now have.   As they say everything has it's advantages.    Earlier in the week I wrote of some of my new purchases, well yesterday I did have a little time, just enough to try on my new undies, and check that my boobs fit, and I have to say everything fits very nicely and I am very pleased with my purchases.

Now I am looking forward to spending the afternoon in front of the TV watching the sport I have recorded, there is the second semifinal of the Rugby World Cup and the Korean Grand Prix, I hope to see victories for Jenson Button and New Zealand, but most of all a good contest in both cases.

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