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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Small things

There are some small things that give me a great deal of joy when I see them.   Of course I am not immune to the kittens and flowers, but in this case I am thinking in terms of my own presentation.   I am quite convinced that the small details are important in our presentation, the whole image can be spoilt - the whole game being given away - by inattention to something that may not appear important.

To that end I recently bought a very nice double breasted ladies wool-mix overcoat, made by Windsmoor.   Normal retail price for this would be between £250 and £300, I bought this one from Age Concern Sidcup for £9.99 I am now looking forward to winter!   Along with a man's overcoat other potential giveaways are wearing a gents watch, wedding ring without an engagement ring, a man's wallet rather than a purse; like I said little detail.   But I started off talking about small things that give me pleasure.

I am lucky that for a man I have quite small hands and feet so although not all shoe styles go up to my dainty size 8 (sometimes I can get away with 7 1/2) mostly I can get whatever I want in a size that fits from normal shops (budget allowing).   Also I do like the look of my hands with some nail polish and rings.   I always wear my wedding ring, as I am always married, but remove a bit of hair, add a dress ring under the wedding band and I feel so very feminine, I give myself a little thrill every time I look down and see my own hands (as in the photo above stuck in traffic on the way home last weekend)
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