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Sunday, 25 September 2011


I have a big problem with shopping, I enjoy it too much and don't have the money or the space to indulge this as a pass time.   Most of my clothes I buy from charity shops.   Since I do not expect to get a great deal of wear from my them this makes sense to me, my sister in law tells me that she uses charity shops because she gets bored with clothes quite quickly, so then she just takes them back and buys something different, more like renting than buying.   Of course since she is still very athletic and I think a size 12 or 14 she has quite a good selection to choose from, whereas I am a 16 or 18 top and more like a 14 bottom I tend to take what fits.

I already have too many clothes a few dresses (including two LBDs) three or four skirts three jackets, an over coat and of course more undies than you can shake a stick at.   But perhaps my biggest problem is shoes, I just love shoes, especially high heels, I love the look of them, I love the way they make me feel, there is some so very special about their pure impracticability.   Compared to mens shoes the variety is stunning, but of course the big difference is that men's shoes are made to be comfortable and hard wearing (within a price) if they don't look too ugly that's a bonus, women's shoes are made to flatter, to look good and to make the wearer look good.   The right pair of shoes makes an outfit, the wrong ones will ruin it, shoe shopping ahh pure joy....

OK I'm no Emelda Marcos but still I have;-

Boy Shoes                   Girl Shoes
Black lace ups                              Black mid heel court             
Black safety shoes                        Black high heel court
Brown Brogues                              Black knee high. high heel boots
Moccasins                                    Black low heel ankle boots
Oxblood loafers                             Black pixie heel ankle boots 
Walking Boots                              White canvas flats 
Work Boots                                  White wedge heel sandals
                                                    Black and white open toe court
                                                    Black gladiator wedge heel sandals

And I have a suspicion that the loafers are actually ladies although I bought them in the men's section of one of my favorite charity shops.   It was actually the purchase of these shoes that prompted this post.   I have more or less got over the embarrassment of buying my girl clothes while in drab, but I saw these shoes, a style I had been after for some time when I was dressed, I actually felt more embarrassed buying these "men's" shoes than when I bought girl shoes in drab!

As I say I am very limited by space so I have got to be more selective, and have told myself that I should not buy anything unless I am prepared to get rid of something else, only time will tell if I am listening.
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