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Monday, 26 September 2011


I wrote a little yesterday of my love of shoes.   I remember when I was very young I would "borrow" various items of clothing from female relatives, daughters of family friends, indeed any where I could, I'm sure you all know what I mean.   I would wear these clothes when ever I could, I even remember doing my paper round in a gym slip and tights quite a few times.   However I knew that something was always missing, something was never quite right and it was the shoes.

Now when I first got a pair of proper girls heels -ahh the joy - at the time this was the finishing touch (in those days I still had hair on my head and not so much on my face). I think it has stayed with me that without the right shoes I am just a bloke wearing a dress, get the shoes right and I am a beautiful woman!

For most of my life I have found buying shoes to be a problem, first because shoes really do need to be

tried on, and for most of my life I have been far to embarrassed to go out "en femme" after all the beard didn't help! so shoe shopping was very difficult I might get extreme heels and thigh boots mail order but ultimately that was not satisfying because this is not what women actually wear.   It is only since I have been well embedded in my middle years that I realise that a lot of what I am striving for is elegance.   Now I know that I am limited by the body I have been given but I can still strive to present an elegant well dressed figure when I go out, and the biggest factor in this is confidence, where do I get my confidence from, well yes it's the shoes.   I remember hearing a well know actor saying that the way they get into a part is to get the shoes right and the character follows, I am a bit like that, get the shoes right and the whole outfit comes together.

Now yes I love shoes, but I am selective although I lived through the 70s I never fully embraced platforms, and sorry Meg but I am having some difficulty with ballet pumps.   I did buy myself a pair but the soles were so thin and the heel non existent that I struggled to walk in them out side the house.

So if my fairy godmother is listening I want to be invited to a posh function where I need to dress up so I can get out the LBD and buy myself a special new pair of high heel black court shoes with a red sole, you know the ones, I just love that look, just give me the opportunity, please, pretty please......
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