Paula's Place

Paula's Place

Monday, 5 September 2011


I don't get many opportunities to get dressed, a rather strange sounding comment, but  one I think you will understand.   Although my wife does know about Paula she is not ready - and may never be - to be introduced.   Because of my wife's sensitivities I am staying pretty much in the closet, I do go out but am not out.

This means that my outing are pretty rare, so maybe all the more precious when they do come.   This also means that I may not have that many personal adventures to relate, I know blogging requires a major commitment I just hope that I can find enough to write about to keep things interesting.   I think I may go back and relate some of my earlier adventures, and just talk about what's on my mind - on trans matters - I have another blog for other things.

I enjoy reading other blogs and hope that other people will follow and enjoy Paula's Place as much as I enjoy Femulate and Call me Meg, These are my Blogging heroines and I strongly recommend them, I have put links at the side.
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