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Paula's Place

Monday, 12 September 2011

Belt Tightening

Like many families at the moment we are feeling the financial pinch. I am self employed and my wife in pretty low paid part time employment, we both have occupations that we enjoy, but unfortunately are not very remunerative.   Add to that the cost of a teenage daughter who goes to  stage school every Saturday and there is a recipe for disaster.   I have just found out that my daughters stage school want an extra £100 on top of the terms fees so that she can be in a show they are putting on, this is to cover extra rehearsals and costumes.   This somehow feels all wrong to me surely these costs should be inclusive, but if I complain then I get into trouble with both wife and daughter, anyway with things this tight I am going to have to exercise serious restraint with Paula.

For many of us ladies shopping is a pass time enthusiastically embraced. it is so much more fun shopping for girl clothes than drab that it is easy to spend more than planed and to end up short later.   Just now I simply cannot afford for this to happen so no more shopping trips for a while.   I still plan to go out on Friday but also still have no set plans as to the what or the where.  

It's my Birthday on Friday  and over the last few years I have got into the habit of taking the day off and have mostly gone to the RHS Gardens at Wisley.   I am a member so no entrance charge and there is always something new to look at I may well go there again if the weather is good, otherwise I may take a trip to the Dulwich Picture Gallery, which is quite close, either way I will have a full report for you next weekend.

Last year when I went to Wisley the Surrey Sculpture Society had an exhibition in the gardens, this was a piece that particularly caught my eye.
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