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Saturday, 13 February 2021

Back to Normal

 Normal service is resumed! I'm going to be talking and watching a lot of sport today!

The second test against India started this morning and then this afternoon there will be two games in the Six Nations, with another tomorrow, so even though tomorrow I will be picking up a "new" washing machine this weekend I shall once again mostly be watching sport on TV

Courtney Lawes, back in the England starting 15

Last weekend I made a few observations, and I don't think I was too far out after the first round of matches. Ireland were perhaps better than I expected, even with only 14 players they were only two missed touch kicks away from winning, but to be fair wales did do their best to lose that game. I think Wales will struggle against a confident Scottish team, both teams are missing a few starters through injury, but I think Wales will feel the absences more, especially Lydiate. Last week Scotland controlled the game against England, their kicking was clever and ran the England Back three ragged, and their intensity and speed of play left the England team on the back foot and without the ball to play with. At the moment I can see Scotland in contention, if not for the championship or grand slam then at least for a triple crown.

France should be able to beat Ireland even though they were barely tested last week, they have so much talent and so much strength, Ireland's attack have little to bring to the table against the exciting young French team. Indeed, France must now be favorites to win this year's championship. Likewise England should not be troubled by Italy, indeed if England do not win at home by a substantial margin there will be calls for Eddie Jones head on a stake outside Twickenham.

So predictions for this weekend

England to beat Italy quite easily, but the backs need to score a hatful of tries to settle nerves.

France to beat Ireland, it may well be Irish kicks against French tries.

Scotland against Wales is the game to watch Scotland have home advantage and their tales up, but Wales have a wealth of experience, but I think that Scotland will just be too clever and too adventurous for what has become quite a boring Welsh team, so Scotland to edge it!

Meanwhile, is Joe Root the most complete cricketer around?

Now I'm off for a coffee

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