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Monday, 2 November 2020

We Play a concert, and then it all stops!

 2020 has been tough on everybody, but for musicians it has been very hard. For much of the year we have been unable to rehearse, and performances have just been out of the question for the vast majority of us. I'm very much one of the lucky ones, as a gardener I have been able to carry on so at least I have had some income through the year.

Over the last couple of months rehearsals had started up again and various groups were even thinking about how we could perform again. Then on Saturday the Government once again put the Nation into lock down. In all honesty I can't say whether this is necessary or not, I am no expert and don't have the time or the inclination to read all the advise, I just do as I'm told! 

So Sunday we had our last Allegra Concert Band rehearsal for a while and tonight it is the turn of Croydon Brass . It hurts a little that this will be the second time I have had to shut both the bands I conduct down; the band I play in hasn't even been able to start up at all since March!

On a more cheerful note yesterday my Orchestra did manage to record and video a few pieces played by members of the Orchestra which we are presenting as our Autumn virtual Concert. It was an interesting challenge to record while socially distancing, it was all done in smaller groups but we still managed to utilise all the sections of the Orchestra and make some interesting music. I was particularly excited to play "Water Music" by Malcolm Arnold, he writes so well for brass this was a real treat.

The first part of the concert can be found here and here 

Unless your computer speakers are a lot better than mine I suggest you use headphones! 

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