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Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Advent Calendar III it's cold outside

These are not lyrics we would expect to be written today, but it is of it's era and justifiably won an Oscar!

This came to mind simply because this morning (Monday) it was so cold! I had left half a cup of tea in my van and this morning it was frozen solid ~ I had to scrape all the windows, inside as well as out. Fortunately at the moment I'm working on building a new fence so the cold didn't impact on my work. It is winter and it is meant to be cold, in some ways I feel as though we haven't had enough cold the last few winters ~ I suspect that many of the pests and diseases that are impacting on our gardens now ~ fuchsia gall mite; box moth; kerrier blight and all the others seem to have been proliferated these last few years since we have had mild winters.

What has all this got to do with Advent ~ well not a lot really as one thing we can be sure of is that Christ was probably not born on the 25th December ~ not least because they had a very different calendar back in the year 3 B.C. But we do associate Christmas with snow ~ "White Christmas" has a lot to answer for ~ robins perched on garden forks in the snow, and all the rest. Yet it is highly unlikely that we will experience snow at Christmas the odds are currently 6-1 for snow falling in London on Christmas Day.

One of my favorite snow scenes, it's worth a good look!

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