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Saturday, 23 November 2019

Glamour Girl

Over the last year or so I have been privileged to have had three different photo shoots ~ one of them was a "prize" I had the shoot for free, but had to pay for the photos ~ so not exactly a total bargain, but out of that I got some good pictures, including a couple of head shots that I use for both the bands I conduct, the Croydon Brass Band and the Allegra Concert Band .

I am so proud to have written that last sentence, I start as permanent Director of Music with Allegra tomorrow! I did a lot of work with them over the Summer, and was appointed last month, but due to other commitments tomorrow will be the first rehearsal I can attend since then. I am really looking forward to working with them for many years.

But to get back to my theme ~ The other two photo shoots were both paid for leading to specific exhibitions, both of them outdoors exhibitions! The first was for International Women's Day I was selected as one of the Women changing the face of Croydon, I had a very enjoyable time chatting and having my photos taken, then for the month of March we had our photos pasted up on hoardings opposite the Town Hall.

I was a little surprised just how many people noticed it, and then contacted me to comment ~ all positive ~ on my photo and the exhibition. A few of my friends were featured as well, it's things like this that make Croydon a rather wonderful place to live.

Later in the year the people who run the Croydon Town center found they had a couple of empty shop fronts and wanted to cheer up the area. They also wanted to promote a positive image of Croydon ~ all too often it is portrayed as a depressed, oppressed violent place, not the vibrant, multi cultural, community it really is. The idea was to feature photos of Croydon Heroes. Once again I was asked if I would be one!

So along side artists, entrepreneurs, teachers, and local celebrities, there's a poster size photo of yours truly!

This is easily the most vain post I have ever put up, but it is only partly an excuse to show off my photos, it is also my chance to observe that I always used to be a bit uncomfortable having my photo taken. In consequence I looked a bit wooden and characterless ~ that has all changed, each of these three session I really enjoyed, I was relaxed and comfortable, and I think it shows. The big change is of course that I am now being authentically me, I think  my comfort with having my photo taken is a reflection of my comfort being me!


Connie said...

I like these photos of you, but the one of you in the gown in your "Having Too Much Fun" post really shows your glamour. That picture of you, I think, is definitely worth a thousand words!

LL Cool Joe said...

Love the last photo, and get you in those Ariana Grande style boots!