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Monday, 10 September 2018

I'm still here!

Yesterday I attended the "We're Still Here" conference on Transgender rights and more specifically the proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act. It was a fascinating day, I was able to ask some questions get better informed and catch up with some friends I don't see as often as I would like; and not a few of them reminded me that I need to post here more often!

There was a lot of serious discussion, there were also a lot of laughs ~ my sort of a day!

The more I think about it the more I want to see the Gender Recognition Act amended, I know that here in the UK we are a lot better off than in many Countries in as much as we can change our Birth Certificates, our Driving Licenses and Passports, but I don't think we should be content with not being the worst! In such large advanced Countries as Ireland, Malta, Portugal and Denmark trans people can change their legal gender simply by making a legally binding declaration. They don't need to get confirmation of a medical diagnosis, they don't need to provide evidence of living in their true gender for several years, they do not need to get the permission of their spouse (even when separated from said spouse!), they do not need to spend vast amounts of money on legal letters, medical letters, fees and administration. In many ways I do not think that the proposed changes go far enough, but I will settle for them for now.

We are still at the consultation stage, this has gone on for far too long already, it has been the reason behind much of the hate filled aggressive opposition that trans women in particular have been experiencing here over the last year or so. I hope that if the Government receive lots of  replies to this consultation urging they go ahead with the proposed changes then a lot of that opposition will be silenced. We can return to being a civilised accepting Country and get on with finding a way to remain part of the European Union.

What ever your views on "Brexit" (I find it hard enough using that term, I am certainly not ready to it use outside of inverted commas) I would urge you to respond to this consultation.

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