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Saturday, 6 January 2018

And a bit more

After putting yesterday's post up I realised that I needed a label for WOW, so I have gone through and added it to the nine posts I considered should have it.   In the process I was reminded of a few things

Back in March last year I made this post in response to an article by Jenny Murray in it I observed that

As it happens I do consider myself a feminist, I became a feminist not when I transitioned, and not when I started to suspect my true identity, no I truly became a feminist (rather than simply a sympathiser), when my daughter was born.   I wanted to be able to tell her to follow her dream, to assure her that she could be anything she wanted to be and not have to keep my fingers crossed behind my back.  I want to live in a society where when I tell my Daughter to be true to herself it is considered to be good advise.

At the moment my Daughter is following her dream, she is a Music College something I was prevented from doing, so I hope and pray that she will make this work and find a career in music ~ the hardest of professions, even if it is the greatest of hobbies

I realised that the photo I used and tagged as last year's brass section was actually from 2016 ~ sorry ladies! I feel rather surprised that I actually can't find any photos anywhere of last year's orchestra. If you have any, and are reading this please send me some.
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