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Thursday, 21 December 2017

Advent Calendar XXI

As we get ever closer to Christmas Day itself, and the end of Advent these posts don't get any easier!

Each day after I post on the Blog I then share the post on Facebook and then share it around various groups I am part of.   Some of these groups are Transgender ones, some are musical, and some are faith base: and of course some of then are more than one of those.   Yesterdays post was about gardening so I thought I would see if there were any groups fro Transgender Gardeners, so did a search on FB ~ it appears that once again like Tigger I am the only one, then I did a Google search on the same phrase, once again Paula's Place topped the list so I can now claim to be at least two Googlewacks!   I am a little nervous of Googling "Lady Gardeners"

I tend to share with the group that the post is relevant to, so Christian posts go on the Christian groups, trans posts go on the trans groups, music posts go on the music groups etc. etc. I just wonder if I should be sharing everything more widely, or whether I should be less self promoting?

I understand that here in the UK today is the winter equinox, the shortest day, and the longest night.   Not of itself a happy time, but is around now that the days start to get a little longer, if not warmer!  

It starts to feel reasonable to look forward to summer and the long, warm, sun filled days.   This week as I have put on my thermals, sweater, body warmer, and fleece it seems hardly possible that it is only a few months ago that I was I was going to work just wear some pretty short shorts and a cami top! But things will get better, the days will get longer and the weather will get warmer!

We all need something to look forward to, and for me that's what Christmas is all about ~ looking forward to something better. That is why the early Christians attached Christmas to the existing Yule festivals, because they too are all about looking forward, but as a Christian I am not just looking forward to summer, I'm looking forward to growing ever deeper in relationship with God, enjoying His unconditional limitless love and His presence with me for ever.

That is the promise of Christmas.

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