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Thursday, 7 December 2017

Advent Calendar VII

I seem to have become unhealthily obsessed with my weight, I weight myself every week and would love to be half a stone (7lbs about 3 kgs) lighter, and yet I do little to nothing about it.   I weighed myself when I got home from my weekend away and thought it would be nice to get down to 12 stone (168 lbs 76 kgs) just to look nice in some of my "Party Frocks".   I wonder am I falling into the same trap that makes people want to have the "Perfect Christmas"

There was an excellent article in The Independent the other day suggesting that it's time we put a stop to the "Cult of Christmas".   I rather like Christmas not least because it's a bit of joy in what can be a pretty miserable time of year for me.   But I agree that there is way too much pressure on people who can't afford it to spend too much money, pressure to consume, to conform to a model of perfection that most of us simply cannot attain and should not aspire to.

I will enjoy some Christmas music, I will enjoy my concerts and a couple of meals out, I may even put up a few decorations, but I will not be striving for perfection.   Perfection can only be achieved through Christ, and we will not find it in this World, now that is something to look forward to.

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