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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Advent Calendar V

Last night we had a rather exciting evening at Croydon Brass Band, we played some different music, and had some interesting conversations over our coffee break.   We're looking at some new and interesting ideas for next year, ideas that I hope will increase the membership of the band and strengthen our bonds with the community we serve.   It's too early to go into any details yet, as we are still very much at the concept stage, but I now have increased hope for the future of the Band and music making in the area!

I'll only be playing in four more musical performances this year, one doing carols with the brass band, one on Saturday with the Linden Wind Orchestra and of course the one with the London Gay Symphony Orchestra.    I will also be playing next Sunday with my Jazz Band, but that's not really a Christmas concert.   This is very few by my standard of recent years, and surprisingly I will not be playing Leroy Anderson's Christmas festival at any of them! Somehow it just doesn't feel like Christmas until I've played it!

Wingates Band (Conductor David Thornton) Play Leroy Anderson's Christmas festival

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