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Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Advent Calendar IXX

I know I posted this picture the other day illustrating my post on presents, and I know I post a lot pictures of scantily clad Betty Boop.   One thing that has not changed with my transition is my fondness of Betty. I like the way (when properly drawn) she is naughty, but somehow still quite innocent. ~ Sort of Naughty but Nice.   I will also admit that now I wouldn't mind some of her attributes!

But I am very aware that a lot of things have changed since my transition, including my attitude to underwear! It used to all be lingerie, lots of satin, bows, and lace, all very impractical. I still like satin, lace, and bows, but now practicality comes a lot higher on my priorities list.

I still like to dress up in something nice and slinky, I like to feel a bit sexy, even though I have no intentions of doing anything about it, it is nice to feel desirable and I think it would be nice to feel desired. But these days I mostly dress for comfort, jeans and a sweater, or if I'm going outside jeans and three sweaters! My underwear reflects that as well, these days I am often to be found with my thermals on, especially when I'm working.

Anyway; ~ what prompted all of this reflection was this picture of Betty, most of the Betty pictures show her scantily clad and being a bit naughty rather than attempting out and out erotic but this one has for me crossed the line ~ sure she is not showing any more flesh than in others so what is my objection.   Well, it's the suspenders! Like many of my generation there is something erotic about stockings and suspenders, maybe it was growing up with the image of Sophia Loren in The Millionairess, but whatever it is that is responsible they are definitely erotic, I know it when I see them, and I know it wear them.

But my complaint about this picture is not just that! it's how they are worn! Clearly this was drawn by a man, no woman would ever have the suspenders outside the pants (panties for the Americans) I mean how would the poor girl ever manage to go to the loo!?

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