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Monday, 27 November 2017

Desert Island Discs finale

This has been a very interesting process, it has involved much more looking back on m life than I anticipated. When I started I thought I was just going to choose some of my favorite music, instead I ended up with music I love, but also has significance.   Thinking about these things brought back memories that I had long repressed, but that now make sense, I have chosen music that reminds me of people I care about, times that have made me who I am as well as simply tunes I like to listen to.

My daughter is a singer/songwriter I would have liked to have chosen some of her songs, but most of her recorded stuff is not really quite "my thing" and comes close to being a depressing.   I don't doubt her talent at all and would want something of her with me on my island ~ indeed I think my luxury would be a photo of my Daughter.

In the BBC Radio program they give a Bible (or other religious book) and one other book, I would prefer a NIV Study Bible, but as for my other book I am struggling to think of one, there are so many  that I like, I find books very possessable and have quite a few.   To settle on just one is very difficult, and my decision would probably be different if I were doing this next week. I am tempted by several novels, some I have enjoyed and some that I have been promising myself that I will get round to reading one day, but at the moment my choice is the RHS Encyclopedia of  Plants & Flowers. A veritable gold mine of information which when I get rescued I could put into practise.

I would have to be rescued as I would be totally useless at surviving on my own, once the food ran out I would be lost. I might be able to construct myself a shelter, of some type, I might be able to make a fire and I can cook and cultivate, but could I kill something to eat it? could I manage to catch a fish? I doubt it.   I am very much a product of my age, an age where we can get everything we need by popping down to the shops.

I have enjoyed this, and hope that you have as well.   I now have to decide whether I am going to repeat the trials of doing an Advent calendar again this year ~ again it is great fun, but each year it gets harder to find images and ideas that I have not already shared.

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