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Monday, 25 September 2017

My Office Today

Well of course not actually today, these photos were taken on Friday, a long day, and indeed one that managed to carry on into Saturday Morning.

Maybe a quarter way through
The job should have been a simple one, scarifying a lawn, well actually three, but the two in the front of the house aren't so big; the back lawn is big, and I suspect hasn't been raked for some time, there was certainly enough work in it to be worth hiring a petrol scarifyer.  

I'm not sure what surprised me most, the amount of moss and "thatch" which I got out, the amount left, or the time it took.   "Green Thumb" had visited since I was here two weeks before to cut the grass, I had expected them to include a moss killer in their Autumn treatment, but apparently they only include that in the December treatment. REALLY! kill the moss in December, let the dead moss sit there and then regrow before I go back in March or April to start cutting the grass.

I didn't schedule any other work for the day, but had hoped I might get another job done, as it happened I didn't get through till nearly eight by which time it was way too late to take any after photos, indeed I was struggling to see at all.

The original plan was to run the scarifyer over the grass, then follow with the lawn mower to cut the grass and pick up the moss and thatch pulled up.   The debris was far too thick and heavy to be picked up by the mower, rather, I feared that the weight of the mower would push it all back in.   So instead I used my blower to get in into piles and then bagged it up, before finally going over with the mower to pick up the rest, cut the grass, and give a decent finish.

If I had had the light I would have taken a photo of all the sacks I filled, but by then I was tired and it was dark, I had nine of my large green woven sacks (see photo above) each a bit over a meter cubed, then a further 14 used compost sacks; too many to fit in the van, Saturday morning I had to return the scaryfier to the hire shop, drop a load of waste off at the recycling centre, return to the job to collect the rest of the waste and then make another journey to the recycling centre.

But apparently no need for moss killer!

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