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Paula's Place

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Concert Dress XV

Tomorrow is the 21st anniversary concert of the LGSO, this is a very special occasion for a very special orchestra.   We have all been practising hard (haven't we lads!) and tickets are selling well, so it all looks like being quite a gala occasion.

We have been given a slightly enhanced dress code for this one,  a little smarter than usual. We're saying all black, no jeans, no tshirts, no trainers and definitely black socks please! We'll be on the raised platform so we need to look great as well as sound great. Well I may well not be wearing socks, but how do I improve on perfect?

After much consideration I have decided that this is a special night, and warrants a special dress, or maybe that should be THE special dress.   I bought this back in 2013 and have only had a couple of occasions to wear it since, and one was for a photo session!

It is a pretty spectacular gown, but is almost totally backless, so I could only wear it with the application of adhesive and artificial aids.   Indeed during the course of the photo session (just after Pride if I remember correctly, and certainly before I was fully out) the warmth from the lights induced a bit of a glow, which led to the failure of the adhesive and the gentle descent of the artificial aid!

Thanks to the HRT I think I can now manage without added assistance, so I plan to finally live up to my cover girl billing, and be Fabulous darling!

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