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Paula's Place

Saturday, 27 May 2017

My Office Today

Yesterday I gave lots of good advice about watering, looking at my shoulders this morning maybe I should have given and taken some good advice about sun lotion!   I did remember to put some factor 50 on my face, but the freckles on my shoulders now have an underlying shade of pink!

My first garden yesterday is a large garden primarily laid to grass (it took me about and hour and half just cutting the grass) but with some lovely shrubs, the Weigela is currently in it's full pomp, and the new leaves on the Dog Wood behind it make me understand why the owners didn't want me to prune it this year.   Both are getting a bit too big for their boots though and will need substantial pruning later.

They have some lovely specimen plants including this rose, I'm not at all sure what variety it is but it is absolutely covered in flowers, with dead heading it will flower continuously,  and then later in the year if they are left it will form bright red hips as well.   All this and it smells wonderful!

It is days like this that remind me just why I do what I do.  The beans I planted two week sago were alive and growing well, I spent the day doing work I enjoy, in places I like exposing my legs and shoulders to some wonderful sun ~ what's not to like? (apart from the poverty)
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