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Paula's Place

Sunday, 5 February 2017


As I might have mentioned this can be a difficult time of year to be a gardener, it would be nice if I could rely on either of the other strings in my bow to bring in a bit of income, but that doesn't seem to be working well either.   Having said all that I have had a busy week.   After waiting indoors all day on Monday for the engineer who didn't turn, and then three different medical / treatment appointments during the week it was an absolute joy to get out in some gardens get my hands dirty and do some proper gardening.

I had a couple of days doing just the sort of work I enjoy most at this time of year, replaced a couple of rotten fence panels and put the trellis back above them.

I've done a lot of work in this garden over the years, the owner is a lovely lady who is a keen garden and very knowledgeable plants woman, but the structural stuff is just a bit much for her.

I laid the paving a few years back, along with the wood store and a few other things.  This week I put up some wires for a passion flower to grow up.

On Friday the sun was so warm that I had to take off my fleece, it was a real joy to be outside working on a day like that, it reminded me why I do this.

The only issue was trying to work out how to only use one piece of wire, with out going over any stretch more than once, I failed on that one, if anyone does know a formula for that problem, I probably won't understand it.

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