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Paula's Place

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Trying to be positive

Honest I am, I believe in being thank full, looking on the bright side, and the power of positive thought.   But right now I am feeling really p£$$ed off.   Sometimes it feels as though there is a conspiracy to make my life more complicated than it ever should be.   I have carefully arranged my work this week to allow for a meeting this afternoon and my electricity meter being fitted tomorrow morning.   Two phone calls this afternoon ruined all that.

Fist I contacted the office where I was to have my meeting to find that the person I should have been seeing would not be in as she had gone to a Doctors appointment. Never mind I could see them tomorrow, of course that would have to be tomorrow afternoon as I have to wait in for the meter to be changed in the morning; viable but could be a bit of rush as the tender bid we are working on has to be in by Friday.

The next call shouldn't have surprised me, but still did. It was those wonderful people from the E-ON cancelling my appointment.   The E-ON customer service team must be the most miss named department of any company I have every had to deal with.   This is the fifth appointment where they have failed, the new appointment is for the 10th March, the first appointment was for the 6th December, so that will then be over three months! Do I expect them to complete the task this time, do I Bu&&ery!

Add to these frustration a visit yesterday from a guy claiming to be from Thames Water who wanted to now who I was and how long I had lived at my address, he had a form to fill in and then asked me to sign it, when I checked what he had put down I could see that  the details were all wrong, so I refused to sign, he got quite shirty, but I will not sig something I know to be incorrect, so now I have been left with a messed up form to correct and return myself ~ if I can be bothered.

All that, a dispute with our property management company, not having been paid by most of my customers for the little bit of work I did manage in January, and a flat tyre! I think I can be justified in being just a bit grumpy!

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