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Paula's Place

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Interesting times

There is said to be an ancient Chinese curse, "May you life in interesting times" and I can totally relate to that.   Over the years there have been a few of those "Interesting times", those times when everything I touch seems to go wrong or simply come to naught.

However; at the moment lots of things are happening around  me, good, positive, interesting things.   Yesterday I had a couple of very interesting meetings one for work, which looks like it will lead to a very interesting job in an area I haven't worked before, and the other with my local Council about Transgender Day of Visibility.    We will be having an event!   It is so empowering just to know that our Council is supporting our communality.   I am very pleased to be involved with the organisation of this, and hope that we can make a big enough splash that it will become an annual event here in Croydon, until it is no longer necessary.   I am now also involved in running Croydon Pride Fest, this will be the second year, and this year I aim to ensure that everybody is aware of the T in LGBT!

In case this doesn't excite you too much maybe I should point out that although Croydon is a London Borough, if it were a City it would be the eighth largest in the UK, with a population of around 380,000 adults it represents more people that some counties, and is an ancient population centre dating back to pre Norman times, the burial place of eleven, yes eleven Arch Bishops of Canterbury.  I could go on (and on, and on) about my home town, but for now I will just rejoice that it is embracing me and leading the way into the twenty first century.

Couple this with a fantastic concert on Sunday, WOW and some other fascinating performance opportunities coming up, and bring a Christian perspective to the consultation process with Stonewall, and this is definitely and interesting time.

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