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Paula's Place

Monday, 9 January 2017

It should have been today

It's that time of year!

Most of us have had quite a lot of time off, one way or another.   By the very nature of my work this is a pretty quite time, add to that all the general festivities and I don't think most of my customers really want to see much of me around Christmas and the New Year.   What all that mean for me this year is that I stopped work on the 22nd December and planed to resume today.

I have not been idle during that time, I now have a new wash basin and a hot water system in my bathroom, and I expended a lot of energy watching my friend install them.   What should have been a fairly simple job turned into a bit of a nightmare thanks to the highly bodged plumbing and electrics that were there to start with.   I still want a new shower, but that will have to wait thanks to the money I had to spend on the van last month.   Anyway, after all this diversion today was the day I was planning to return to work.   So much for planning! The appointment I did have has been cancelled, and now it is raining so any of the outdoor work I have lined up will have to wait.

I think I will have to work at some more planning, this month I have a compost system to build and a fence to plan, maybe I should get on with tidying the flat up a bit as well, oh yes and fix the car and sort out the van and, and, and.......................
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