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Saturday, 17 December 2016

Advent Calendar XVI

I know I'm late, but yesterday it all got a little complicated. Yes, I had one of those days.   One of those days when there is simply to much to get done, and too little time/energy to achieve it all.

The good news is that Dannie's home.   The problem was actually the alternator, rather than the water pump either way it still cost me a lot of money and I was without a van for a week.   Working with the car rather than a van definitely took a lot more time and effort, so in many ways I was hit with a "Double Wammy"

This has made me realise a couple of things, first is that I am better off working with this size van, it often crosses my mind that I would be better off getting a big estate car and only having to pay one lot of insurance, road tax etc. but having a van is not only more professional it is also much easier.

The other is that is that I must be making some progress, I was complaining to my Brother about the van breaking down at the worst time. Juts as I had spent some money on a new stereo, and had started pulling my bathroom apart ready for a re-model, I would now have to use money earmarked for the bathroom for the van; but as he pointed out previous years I would not have had any money for anything! So although it still hurts I suppose I must be getting there!

Now I just need to get a new radio for the van!

Picture is of Betty skating, because....I can.
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