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Paula's Place

Monday, 5 December 2016

Advent Calendar V

I always knew that this last weekend was going to be busy, very busy!    Saturday Morning I attended a BBC Broadcast of Saturday Live at the Radio Theatre in London. It was great fun, very interesting and rather nice to be in the audience for once. After that I was playing in a Band for a friend who was taking a conducting exam, that evening there was a birthday party I would have liked to attend, but I just can't keep up that pace any more.

Sunday morning I had a friend come round to the flat to measure up the bathroom for some serious corrective surgery. leaving just enough time to get up to London for a rehearsal for next week's Orchestra Concert. All of this after playing my first Christmas Concert of the year on Friday night.   Since I knew all of this was happening I prepared posts for Saturday and Sunday and set Blogger to post them automatically each morning.   The only problem being that I actually managed to set them to be published next month instead! WHOOPS!

Yesterday Jeni accused me of coming up with a tree to put others to shame, I really should have said that all the photos I used were stock ones, that I blagged from the good old Interweb.    Just to make an honest girl of myself here is a photo from a couple of years ago, when I did have a tree; admittedly an artificial one, and with a star at the top not an angel.

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