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Paula's Place

Sunday, 20 November 2016


Today is the International Transgender Day Of Remembrance (TDOR), in London and around the world there will be memorial events, candle lit vigils and ceremonies this afternoon and tonight.   Yesterday afternoon I led an event in Croydon.   We lit candles for the 87 fatal victims of trans hate crime around the world, the 87 who were recorded and verified through  Of those 87 names 65 (including 12 unnamed women) were from Brazil, 15 from the USA and 1 each from Italy, Mexico, Pakistan, Russia, Thailand and Turkey.  I do not for a moment believe these numbers, there are countries where crimes against Trans people are not recorded, there are many when it is not recorded as hate crime, or that the victim will not be recorded as trans, or indeed under their chosen gender.   Many events will have list running into the hundreds, these will still not be comprehensive.

Not for a moment do I believe these numbers, there are still way, way too many people being killed, raped, beaten up because of their gender identity, we need to note this; morn this; publicise this; and work to reduce this.   I may not be directly under threat but we all (all of society) are reduced by the violence that is offered instead of compassion.

As well as the 87 candles we lit one extra, large candle for all of those victims not recorded on the list.

On a personal level I was gratified by the attendance at our event and the support shown to us by members of the local LGBT community. We also had substantial support from the wider community, with friends, supporters and indeed the Deputy Mayor of Croydon all joining us.

This is an event we do not want to have to hold, but expect to have to for many years yet.   The last couple of years it has been run for and by the Trans community through my local support group TransPALS.    Our next event will be our Christmas dinner, that should be a lot more fun!
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