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Paula's Place

Monday, 28 November 2016

Four Candles

Yesterday was the first Sunday in Advent.   The Ecclesiastical calendar takes Advent as starting from the forth Sunday before Christmas Day, since the 25th December itself falls on a Sunday this year that makes Advent a bit longer than normal.   Advent is a period of preparation, of contemplation, but mostly of looking forward.   To mark each week as we approach Christmas we light a candle, so we end up with four candles for each of the four Advent Sundays and then a fifth central candle for Christmas day itself.

The secular calendar is a little simpler, it takes advent as being the 24 days prior top Christmas, starting on the first of December and building up each day to the great day itself. Maybe of us from the UK who are passed a "Certain Age" will remember the Blue Peter Advent Crown, each year made from wire coat hangers and tinsel, most of us have progressed from that level to something a little safer, but if you fancy making one for yourself then simply follow the instructions on the second link.

On the other hand here's a little treat for the rest of us.

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