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Paula's Place

Thursday, 28 July 2016


So far I managed to forget my jacket, forget my paperwork, forget that I don't like discos, and maybe forget my dignity, a little.   So what was Sunday going to bring?

Opening my case and checking the few clothes I brought (I had packed so many shoes there wasn't a lot of room for clothes) I find not a single pair of trousers, just "party wear" and just a single light weight cotton skirt that I had worn on the Saturday.   I had my black LGSO tee shirt which would have been fine, with a pair of jeans or a denim skirt, if I had managed to pack either.   What I did have were a couple of pairs of shorts, one pair black, one pair white.

Forgotten something? like a skirt maybe?
After consulting my style counsellor I ended up with the black shorts a chiffon top and some stripped tights.   Totally inappropriate for day wear, definitely not suitable for Tescos, but then as Rachel pointed out, we were in Brighton.

Apart from Breakfast our only planed event was a Barbecue at the Marlborough.   When we got there we found there had been a bit of a breakdown on the communications front, and that there was no barbecue, but as we had made a good breakfast we were happy to sit out in the sun and enjoy a few beers.

I love these tights, and I am wearing shorts!
Once again it was nice to meet up with some old friends and share a glass or two with my friends.  With the planed Picnic on the Beach having had to be cancelled over the last couple of years due to rain at some point it was decided that this year it would instead be a Barbecue at the Pub, and that was published on the website. Published but not organised.   It was only later that I discovered that some people actually managed a barbecue on the beach.   That might have been fun, but Brighton Beach in those shoes!

I was so glad that I wasn't the one driving, as the combination of sun and beer had their usual effect.   I was delivered home, tired, but happy. After the inevitable snooze on the sofa, I thought I had better stir myself and get some bread and milk in for the morning, but looking in the mirror I thought better of it, I either had to get changed or wait till the morning, I decided to wait.
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