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Sunday, 19 June 2016

A stich in space-time

Firstly I will agree with my friend Joey and apologise about the shortage of pictures today.

I just feel the need to demonstrate the new levels of stupidity I have just managed to plummet to.

It will come as a surprise to none of my regular readers that I have been busy, and in consequence have been feeling a bit tired.  I have been craving a day off but couldn't really see the opportunity. Loads of performances, lots of work and no few rehearsals as well. Today after Church I was planing to have some lunch and then possibly go to an Orchestra Rehearsal.   That was only a possible as I was not at all sure I really wanted to spend two hours driving for 30 minutes rehearsal!

Well I got home, changed into something a little more practical, then cooked myself a nice lunch and settled down to watch the Grand Prix.   I tend to watch Grand Prix out of habit as these day I find that they are an almost guaranteed way of sending me to sleep.   Today was no exception and after a nice lunch, a couple of glasses of wine and about 40 laps of the Grand Prix I was feeling rather sleepy so decided to have a lie down and a short rest.

Waking up later, I looked at my bedside clock, saw that it was just gone seven! I leapt up in panic threw on some clothes, moved my car (Parking is restricted except on Sundays) rushed back into the flat to make my sandwiches and get everything ready for the working day. It was only when I switched on the radio that it slowly started to dawn on me that it was actually seven o'clock on Sunday evening, not seven o'clock on Monday morning!

Feeling Sheepish from Civion N at Deviant Art
So while I am feeling slightly sheepish about my stupidity, I am also feeling as though I have won an extra (if rather short) day this week!
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