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Paula's Place

Monday, 14 March 2016


Thank you all of you who voted in my little poll, the outcome was a straight split between plain leggings and the snakeskin ones, the consensus being that the tie up ones were just a little too tarty, even for me!   Well, as it happens it all became a little irrelevant, since on Friday I happened to find myself buying a new, and rather spectacular, full length red dress. It was a very good price, I will have another opportunity to wear it, and I think it suits me.

Sometimes my life seems very strange, last night (Sunday) I was on stage at teh Royal Festival Hall, playing with Sister Sledge ~ Yes, I was actually playing with the actual Sister Sledge, I'm still not sure I believe it myself  ~ Then tonight I was with the Croydon Brass Band in Thornton Heath.

Don't get me wrong, the brass band are a great bunch and I love playing with them but yesterday was pretty amazing! I suspect that over the next few days I could get quite boring about the whole event.  Yet I find that once again I have a very full week ahead of me three more performances and some rehearsals coming up, as well as a full work diary, so I don't know how much time I will be able to devote to the Blog.

I will do my  best to tell some of my WOW stories though.
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