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Monday, 21 March 2016

Busy Busy Busy

I know I have been very remiss in my postings here; I have so much to share but simply don't seem to be able to find the time to put any of it down.

I have had rehearsals, performances, special events and, of course, work. I sign of just how busy I have been is the state of my flat, it looks like a clothes bomb has exploded in my bedroom and it is days since I did any meaningful washing up.

I will however share one thing that came into my mind as we were praying at Church yesterday morning, I was struck by the contrast between two girls I had some level of contact with over the previous week.

A young friend of mine has recently transitioned, on Saturday evening her church held a naming ceremony for her. Her parents and Godparents were all present as were a good deal of her Church family and friends, It was a joyous occasion with music, flowers, and prayer. At the end she reaffirmed her baptismal vows, with her new name and identity.   I was struck by the love, affection and total acceptance.

Here was a young girl, just starting out on the great adventure of life, having had to make decisions that would cause many to reject her very existence, and she was being given a public demonstration of how much she is loved and cherished. This is how Churches and families are meant to work.

As I sat there in prayer I couldn't help but compare this with a message I had received from another friend earlier in the week.  This friend is a Christian lady I know through my previous Church, she works with disadvantaged youngsters in a neighboring Borough.   Mid week a text message was sent out to all of her Christian friends asking us to pray for a girl she had been working with, rejected by her own family and with issues that put her down the priority list for local fostering she was about to be sent away to a residential unit in the midlands, would we please pray for her.

Of course we did, and I am pleased to say that a place closer to home was found for her, not ideal in way, but better than feared.

Two girls, both starting on life with issues, one loved and cherished, the other rejected, even by her own family, surely we can do better.
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