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Friday, 5 February 2016

Passing Out

I have seen quite a few posts recently about passing, there has been some particular activity on Stana's Blog Femulate, this along with some recent discussion about "stealth" have made me ponder.

Probably not fooling anybody!
When I first started to cross dress the thrill was sufficient, the snatched moments of some small femininity, after some time there then came the need to be seen, maybe the need to be seen as a woman. At some level I was still playing at being a woman, a part time woman, and as such I wasn't very good at it.   On my one or two outings a month I would glam it up and be hopelessly overdressed, and far too glamorous for the situation. My wig and my padding were all exactly in order, my make up perfect, but did I pass? I suspect not.   I thought that it was my shape and size that stopped me, the signs of facial hair that I tried so hard to conceal, my voice and mannerisms.   I now think I was wrong.

Not really bothered
I think I was trying too hard! Over the last couple of years I have abandoned my wig, I only use the essential padding, I wear less makeup (on some occasions even abandoning it all together), less jewelry and as likely to be wearing jeans as a skirt.

I have stopped thinking of myself as a man who is trying to look like a woman, or even a man who is trying to look pretty, I now think of myself as a woman, and dress and act accordingly. Do I pass now? I don't don't know, but the thing is I don't care so now I am perceived as a woman and treated as a woman and that's what matters.

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