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Monday, 25 January 2016

Spell Check

Over on her Blog, Femulate, my friend Stana has posted about the number of Trans friends she has who are also Radio Hams. I am intrigued by how some interests and occupations seem to be over represented within the trans community.   At my own group TransPALS we seem to have a disproportionate number of technicians of one type or another.

We also seem to have a very high number of people with Dyslexia (why is dyslexia so hard to spell?) including me. A while ago about four of us were sat together when somebody asked how to spell a word and none of us could help.   My own condition dictated my early career choices, I always veered toward numbers, if I had to write anything I would try to dictate it, or write in long hand, in such a way that my hand writing might be blamed rather than my spelling.  P.C.s revolutionized my life, not only did they make my first three jobs redundant, once word processors introduced spell check I could write!

Now I am totally reliant on that little squiggly red line that Microsoft puts under around a third of my words.   Without spellcheck I could never run this blog, but neither could I have written articles for trade press, business letters or reports, it has been totally liberating.

I do wonder whether it is just co-incidence that there are quite a few of us around the Croydon area, or whether or not there might be a statistical correlation between being Trans and Dyslexia. A simple Google search is not a lot of help on this one!
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