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Paula's Place

Friday, 11 December 2015

Advent Calendar X

Looking back on May I see that I was concerned about being too busy needing a holiday, nothing new there then! I also had my only two guest posts.  Nationally the big news was of course the General Election.   For me though the big event was a trip to the Opera! I thoroughly enjoyed a trip up to town to see the ENO's production of Carmen. One of my favorite operas, and in my opinion a truly remarkable production.

May is of course a busy time for me, gardens are in full growth, the work being somewhere between Spring and Summer, I will be planting, pruning, weeding and cutting grass; December is quite different, or at least it should be. Yet the weather has been so mild so far this year that I am still cutting grass. Indeed as soon as I have finished here I will be loading my little mower onto the van a going off to Beckenham to cut a couple of lawns

Tomorrow I will be inhabiting a  very different world, as not only is it the Croydon Symphonic Band Christmas concert, it is also the TransPALS Christmas Dinner, dashing from one to the other I should just about be able to manage both.
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