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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Advent Calendar IIX

April can be the most difficult month to be a blogger, especially if like me you are foolish enough to be part of the A-Z challenge. This was the second year that I rose to the challenge and managed to get through my alphabet.   Looking back on some of the posts I note that it was on the 1st April I had my first GIC Appointment, I was told I needed a second appointment six months later, that's why I was there on the 30th November!   Otherwise it was my usual combination of work, Concerts and this year the added fun a General Election.

Over the last year or so I think I have seen my GP more often than in any previous year, yet I have not been ill at all. I popped into the practise today as I realised I hadn't given them my new address, only to find that I need to change practise as I am now out of the catchment area! So faced with how to choose a new GP I simply looked on line to see where my local practise is.   As it happens it is just up the road from my flat, it also looks as though one of the Doctors there is a chap I used to play Rugby with! ~ this could be interesting!

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