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Thursday, 3 December 2015

Advent Calendar III

Now that I think about it, having an advent calendar looking back is a truly bizarre idea. The whole point of Advent is looking forward; looking forward to Christ's birth, looking forward to his ultimate redemptive act, looking forward to being reconciled to God.   Having said all that I find I am in the Magnus Magnuson position of "I've started so I'll finish"

Back in February I see I was very much concerned with my transition, and was beginning to morn the loss of the bloke I had been, I now understand that this was something like a bereavement, for others as well as myself, and a process that had be gone through. I also see that I was mourning the late great Leonard Nimoy, and remembering the evenings when my brothers and I would have our tea watching Star Trek.  

Those were strange days for our family I was changing school, my eldest brother was about to start A-levels and my other brother O-levels, my Father was working away all week, and my Grand Father, who had been living with us all of my life, had recently had some severe strokes and was permanently in a geriatric hospital.   All of this was a tremendous strain on my Mother who would visit her father daily, as well as looking after us and the house, and teaching two or three days every week.

My Father would be away from Monday morning till Friday evening, and then would often have to visit his Mother during that precious weekend time, so in many ways family life was difficult, at the same time we had no mortgage or rent to pay, my father's career was progressing nicely and by then he had a company car so we were a two car family at a time when many families still did not have a car at all, I Suspect that it may have been around this time that we first got a colour television; a vast box in the corner that dominated the whole room and even made horse racing interesting for a while.

I always knew which uniform I wanted to wear
This co-incided with the time I found myself becoming more and more interested in feminine attire, I often wondered if this was all linked, the absence of both my Father and my Grand Father, my Mother' busy schedule, causing my eldest brother to take on a deal of the caring role for me. I consider all this a lot less now, I tend to adopt the position that my parents did what was best at the time (and did work out to be the best!) the situation was what it was, and I am what I am.

Going back to Star Trek, and Google picture search of "Star Trek Christmas" throws up some interesting images, these a few of my favorites.

Live long and prosper.
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