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Paula's Place

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

So Much to Remember

I feel as though I have been absent from here quite a lot recently.   Between moving home, trying to keep four separate business going and lots of musical engagements, I'm afraid that blogging and social media have rather taken a back seat.

There are positives and negatives about being as busy as I have recently, I am not getting bored, in theory I should be making a living, and my reputation as a musician is once again spreading.   I have also acquired a couple of new customers for my little Avon business!   The down sides are more physical. I am beginning to feel exhausted with all the burning the candles at both ends, there are things I should have done that I have missed and others that I should have done better, but have done little more than go through the motions.

I know that there things I should have done that I have simply forgotten, either to do or to prepare to do. people I need to contact about concerts, and work that are getting forgotten, there is so much to remember.

On Saturday I will be hosting the Croydon event event for Transgender Day of Remembrance, this will be a big event for the trans community in our area. This will be the first year where we have taken the lead in organising this event ourselves, and we are making it a slightly bigger event with readings and songs as well as the act of remembrance itself.   I am sure that it will be a great success, yet I am also feeling considerable guilt that I have not done as much as I should have to ensure that all goes smoothly.   If you do come on Saturday afternoon, please remember that some of us have been going through a lot and have had to concentrate on our own private lives a bit more than anticipated, but also remember those people murdered for nothing more than being themselves.  I thank God that I have no problems that can't be solved with money, I am safe, I have friends, and my local community appears to be accepting.

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