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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Still Worried!

I am a little in awe of StanaCrystiHanna and all those other ladies who manage to get their Blog out every day (in some cases more than once a day!) at the moment I am struggling to keep to all together, if there is a plot it emigrated a while back!

Of course as a gardener this is a busy time of year for me, add in all the stuff that goes with moving home, being a "Band Tart" (I'll play with anyone!) three major Pride events and visits to Cardiff, half the time I really don't know whether I'm coming or going.   A lot of what I do can re or less be done in autopilot, but every now and then I do drop a ball.   Most of the time I am doing things that I have done before, whether it is acting a guest conductor for a band, playing on a bandstand or laying stepping stones, I have been there before and know what to expect.   Interestingly most of the time I now know how to dress and behave in most situations.

Back in January when I finally started to live my life full time female I realised that I had only been doing the fun things fem, and therefore my wardrobe reflected that. I had lots of dresses but not jeans and tee shirts, now I have done most things have the appropriate clothes and feel pretty confident in my choices.   Yet today I have a new experience to confront.

This afternoon I will be having a meeting with one of my Recycling Customers and a Local Authority.  The customer has known me for a long time, but so far has not met Paula in person, I need to be able to go into this meeting confident and able to take charge, everybody there needs to be able to focus on the issues being discussed and not be distracted by how I present.   So once again I feel uncertain, and a bit unsure about what too wear.   Do I go with a formal dress, a dress or skirt suit, a trouser suit, or something a little less formal?

No time for a poll, I have to get changed in a couple of hours, but first I need to get to the bank, the  pick my van up from the Garage and,,,and so it goes!
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