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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

With one thing and another I have been having a rather difficult time recently ~ actually challenging might be a better term. Not least amongst my issues are some medical ones, one where I am not getting the treatment I think any patient deserves i.e. prompt and polite, and one which could be described as self inflicted.   A couple of weeks ago I had quite a lot of back pain, to a certain extent this could be considered to be an occupational problem ~ the worry came when I was told that being rather rundown, and drinking too much were delaying my soft tissues healing themselves.

Since then I have been trying to cut down on my boozing, I am now trying (but not always succeeding)  to have at least two alcohol free days each week, and when I do drink to not feel obliged to finish the bottle!   I do not always succeed but at least I am trying, this week I have not had a drink since Sunday; I can't say I feel any better for my abstinence, I haven't been sleeping, or indeed waking up any better, and I haven't got any more or less energy, ~ but I will stick to my guns and keep an eye on my intake.

Another event that is proving a bit challenging is that my Daughter has now turned eighteen, for any parent this gives mixed feelings, joy that your child has made it and is such a wonderful person, and fear that she is now an adult with all that means, add in to the mix a reminder of just how old that means you are and it is clear where the challenges lie.   To take my mind off all that my Daughter is distracting me by having a party here over the weekend, and I have had instructions to make myself scarce.

I will be taking a short holiday (well a night away anyway), I plan to visit a friend, spend some time at Wisley ~ my favorite garden ~ and maybe visit the Brooklands Museum.   Since I will be away at the weekend I am going through my fridge to see what needs eating or freezing before I go away.   Having had a look tonight I will be dining on eggs, mushrooms and some salad.   Elizabeth David comes to mind, so tonight I will end my abstinence and have an omelette and a glass of wine.
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