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Friday, 31 July 2015

Where has the week gone

So it's Friday morning already and I haven't yet said much about last weekend's wonderful time in Brighton and I'm sorting out going to Brighton again tomorrow.

Last weekend was Trans Pride, only the third time  the event has been held and the first time I have been able to attend.   Last year a few girls from my group TransPALS did attend and decided that this year we needed a proper presence.   So this year we had a stand.   This meant that after the parade I spent a lot of my time either on the stand or sticker bombing ~ if you were there the chances are that Patricia or I go you stickered!

We had some good conversations, met some wonderful people and got our group a little better known. I will admit that I wasn't convinced by some of the acts on the stage, but to be honest I wasn't paying them tat much attention, Although I did feel as thought the parade was a little "flat" and quite this may just be because I am comparing it with main Pride events like London ~ next year I want to be a bit noisier and am recruiting a Brass Band especially for the occasion.   This event had a great atmosphere, the vast majority of people there were positive, loving, and, genuinely interested in each other.   This is how Pride should feel.

Tomorrow I will be in the Brighton Pride parade, this will be totally different, no least in as much as I have already decided that I will not be going into the park.   Last year I helped out at the Brighton FtoM stand and got the impression that it was just another festival full of people who just want t drink beer and listen to bands, since I don't like that type of music and I resent paying that much for beer I will be on the train home.

I will take my camera this time as well.

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